JB 643 Multi-coloured Cotton


JB 643 is a predominantly cotton fabric with a weft of random multi-coloured threads and a warp of a mixture of fine red and blue threads.

Please note that the colours of the fabrics supplied may differ a little from the photographs below.  The weft threads are random and also the images are very difficult to colour-balance.


Size: Can be purchased off the roll, or by the half metre or fat quarter


Item Size Price Unit of Measure
Off the Roll Width 117 cm (46 inches) £19.95 Per metre
Half Metre 117 cm x 50 cm (46 inches x 19.5 inches) £9.95 Per half metre
Fat Quarter 58 cm x 50 cm (23 inches x 19.5 inches) £4.95 Per fat quarter
  • To order parts of metres, if you can meet your requirements by using our standard size variants (e.g. 1.5 metres) order the separate sizes online and ask for them to be cut in 1 piece in the ‘Special instructions’ box at checkout. Otherwise, please telephone us on +44 (0) 1252 835781 or email us at hilary@thesilkroute.co.uk.

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