Jogakbo Light Catcher Masterclass with Sara Cook


Sara Cook is holding a virtual masterclass entitled ‘Jogakbo Light Catcher’ as part of the ‘Beyond the Festival of Quilts’/ ‘Beyond Knitting & Stitching’ Masterclasses.

The requirements for this masterclass include 3 pieces of coloured silk organza each piece 30 cms x 28 cms.

Sara is suggesting:

– Scarlet

– Green

 – Gold

Should you wish to purchase these you may do so below.

Should you wish to choose alternative colours see our selection of colours in the ‘Coloured Silk Organza’ section of our website and choose your 3 colours to suit – the price is the same!

Please note that we are only able to supply the silk organza for this masterclass, not the other requirements.


  • To order parts of metres, if you can meet your requirements by using our standard size variants (e.g. 1.5 metres) order the separate sizes online and ask for them to be cut in 1 piece in the ‘Special instructions’ box at checkout. Otherwise, please telephone us on +44 (0) 1252 835781 or email us at

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