Silk fibre has strength (weight for weight it is stronger than a steel filament) and versatility. Silk has an affinity to dye and a penchant for holding colour. When woven into fabric it can produce colours and textures that cannot be reproduced in other fabrics. It can be woven into fabrics that range from the sheerest to heavy, and from smooth to heavily textured. The feel of silk and the way that the light plays to change colours are the hallmarks of silk. In garments it is light but strong, cool in summer but warm in winter. It breathes, conducting moisture away from the body.

The Silk Route specialises in supplying silk materials and threads. Explore our web site further to discover our wide range of Natural Silks suitable for embroidery, painting and dyeing, our very extensive selection of Coloured Silks and our range of Speciality Items. Should you need help and advice, try our free Colour Consultancy Service.

We stock a unique selection of coloured silk ideally suited for both the experimental and traditional stitcher. Many of our products are seldom found elsewhere, giving you the opportunity to produce a stunning piece of work and be the envy of your friends. Coloured silks stocked include: Silk Dupion, Silk Taffeta, Silk Brocades, Silk Stripes, Silk Organza, etc.

We stock a range of undyed silk fabrics. These are suitable for painting and dyeing as well as for the more traditional use of fabrics. If you are unsure of the most appropriate natural silk for your requirements why not try one of our Natural Silk Packs. Natural silks stocked include: Silk Mouseline, Silk Organza, Silk Habotai, Silk Noil, Silk Velvet, Silk Tussah, etc.

We have sourced and selected many additional products to complement our wonderful ranges of Natural Silks and Coloured Silks. Speciality items stocked include: Silk Sari Ribbons, Silk Threads, Silk Roly-Poly bundles, Silk Sari Yarn, Silk Scarves, etc., as well as Calico and Vilene.

If you are undecided about which silk is best for your requirement, or which silk would match your colour scheme, feel free to use our Colour Consultancy service.