Indian Silk Dupion

Silk Dupion is the most widely known silk and is made in India. It is a medium weight silk. It has a slub that gives it a textured effect. The degree of texture does vary from colour to colour. The slubs in Silk Dupion occur when two silk worms spin cocoons close together. There are two types of Silk Dupion, handwoven Silk Dupion, which is more textured, and powerwoven Silk Dupion, which is smoother, although it still has some slub.

We stock a wide range of colours (over 100 currently). Many of the coloured Dupions are shot – making them ideal for a wide range of uses from brides’ and bridesmaids’ dresses, ball gowns and other formal wear. Silk Dupion is also ideal for embroidery, patchwork, quilting, mounting lace, gold work, etc.

Whilst the majority of our range is repeatable (although there may be slight colour variations between rolls produced at different times) a few of our colours are one-off and thus stock held on the roll of some colours may be limited. If repeat supply is essential please let us know and we will recommend the most appropriate colours should that be necessary.

We have split our Silk Dupion into four colour groupings. Explore our range below.