Silk Tussah

Tussah Silk is produced in India from wild silk moths instead of the cultivated moths used for the white, smooth silks.  The larvae of Tussah silk moths feed on a wide range of vegetation, giving an unexpected variety of natural colours, including cream, stone, honey and deeper brown.  The characteristic honey colour is often produced where the silk worm feeds on oak leaves.

Tussah is a textured silk which can be used to make elegant clothing such as jackets, skirts, etc. Using the different colours and variations in texture, it can also be used to make a distinctive cushion, jacket or waistcoat. Tussah can also be useful in applique or as a background for embroidery.

Currently we have over 70 different Silk Tussahs, or similar textiles, in stock.  We list a selection of these for which we have a reasonable stock.  Meanwhile, if you can’t see what you want here, and are looking for small quantities, contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Should you wish to buy small pieces of Silk Tussah, have a look at our ‘Texture Silk Pack‘ range elsewhere in our range of Natural silks.

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